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As automobile mechanic in North Melbourne Care Plus repairs vehicles and maintains them in a good working condition. A breakdown may happen due to some problems with the car like wear and tear and damage done to the car in an accident. We have modern machinery and infrastructure for car service and to repair all the problem areas of your car. Any sudden damage done to the carby harsh weather or damage like breaking of glass or punctures can be repaired at our facility. In case of engine damage, we also have engine rebuilding services so that you can continue driving your vehicle. Our mechanic and technicians are skilled to tackle problems and they are good at resolving them with perfection. We have years of experience in the field of car servicing which helps us to deliver good services.

Car Service in North Melbourne

If there is a delay in maintenance on car’s vital fluid exchanges, dirty filters, fussy belts and old spark plugs then bigger problems like busted up radiators, slipping gear shifts and engine failure can occur making regular car maintenance all the more important and unavoidable. A maintenance schedule is designed around the specific makeup of your particular car and if this schedule is followed then there are more chances that the vehicle will be able to perform at an optimal level and for a longer duration. To help the parts last longer and save money in long term car repair and fuel use is now in your hands. You will not need to invest in more expensive parts if your car is up to date. For routine parts and fluid inspections, coolant fluid exchange, filter replacement, timing belt replacement, transmission fluid exchange, spark plug replacement, axle fluid exchange, tyre rotations please feel free to contact us.

Inspections and recommended maintenance vary according to the vehicle make and model which must be checked with the owner’s manual. You may contact our mechanic or experts for any advice or queries when required. We make timely deliveries and work as per your requirements so that you are comfortable with our services. Our faith, honesty and dedication are our guiding principles which help us to give the services which are really up to the mark and help to solve your problems. In a busy world, we are sure that you will take out some time for your car’s maintenance and let us serve you. Our contact details are available on our website and you are encouraged to get in touch with us. We will be delighted to hear from you at our North Melbourne car service facility!

We are reliable and trained local mechanic based in North Melbourne offering car service, maintenance and repairs for residents of West Melbourne, South Melbourne, East Melbourne and surrounding areas.

At Care Plus, we understand your needs and are fully equipped to provide a full range of car maintenance service including:

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