Lost Key Service

There is nothing worse than losing your keys. That horrible feeling you get as you try to remember where they could be. Not to mention the cost of replacing your keys could be hundreds of dollars!

That is why we offer our Lost Key Service.

When you bring your car to Care Plus, we will give you a keyring with a unique serial number.

Simply go to our website, click on the “Lost Key Service” tab, enter your details and click activate. This will save your information to our system so if someone finds your keys and returns them to us, we will be able to contact you straight away.

This is a free service that we offer to all our loyal customers. Just another reason why we are your trusted local mechanic and Dealership alternative.

Simply fill out the form below to take advantage of this great service. You will receive a confirmation message within 48 hours.

This service is reactivated every time your vehicle is serviced or repaired by us.

Full Name*




Vehicle Rego*

Keyring Serial Number (Four-digit number on the back of your keyring):*

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