If your car is due for a service or requires a repair, then Care Plus is your one stop shop destination. We have the facilities to service all types of cars, light commercial vehicles and trailers. Whether they be brand new, used or prestige. Our state of the art facility and shared visions with our clients set us apart in this fast changing field. We encourage our clients to inspect our premises and observe the high quality workmanship performed throughout our business.


Log Book Service

We follow strict guidelines to ensure your new car is serviced in accordance with manufacturers specifications, therefore not voiding your warranty whatsoever. While we are servicing your new vehicle we pay particular attention to warranty items and we will be able to advise you on any warranty work that may need attention.


Car Air Conditioning

We are equipped to maintain and repair both R12 A/C systems and R134A A/C systems. We also provide a ‘retrofit’ service which converts older A/C systems running on R12 gas to the new ozone friendly R134A gas. If you feel like your car air conditioning is not as cold as it used to be. Feel free to get in touch with us.



We can cater for all your cars braking requirements. We can overhaul or replace any hydraulic items of your cars braking system such as:

● Master cylinders
● Calipers
● Wheel cylinders
● Proportioning valve
● ABS pumps


Emergency Mobile Service Unit

Our emergency mobile service unit enables us to attend to your emergency service needs on-site. This may be at your home or office. If we are unable to get you mobile again, then we can arrange towing on your behalf either to our state-of-the-art service centre or another location as required.


Fault diagnosis

We have the equipment to diagnose any problems on new or older vehicles. Engine management lights can sometimes come on alerting you to a fault found by the engine management system. The car may not exhibit any other symptoms, and is still drivable. However it is essential that you have your car diagnosed ASAP to avoid doing any long-term damage to your engine.


Suspension and steering

We are equipped to work on all types of suspension setups. Such as independent rear suspension (IRS), McPherson strut front suspension and torsion bar suspension.
If you have noticed your car wandering over the road, or bottoming out over bumps, you may have faulty shock absorbers which can also increase your cars braking distance and decrease your safety.



Today’s vehicles are becoming very technical to the point where a late model vehicle can be in a poor state of tune, yet not necessarily display a driving symptom. Conversely, the vehicle may exhibit drivability symptoms which a tune may not rectify.


Roadworthy Certificate

Care Plus issues a roadworthy certificates to clients in Victoria. If you are trying to sell your vehicle, re-register it, transfer the registration or clear a vehicle defect, then you will need a roadworthy certificate. We are a licensed vehicle tester and issue certificates as per the Victorian guidelines.



We can supply and fit tyres to all makes and models. We can also cater for clients who may need a special order on particular tyres. We can also carry out wheel alignments on all types of vehicles.


Prestige Cars

During our 65+ years in business, Care Plus has developed a loyal customer base of prestige car drivers. We believe this success has come from our continued commitment to customer service and our appreciation of the investment our customers have made in their vehicles.


Auto electrical

Care Plus can carry out all your vehicles electrical work. We supply, repair and fit starter motors, alternators, distributors, computers, etc. We can also repair electric windows, central locking and radios.


Cooling systems

Engine cooling systems are a very important part of your car and should be regularly maintained to ensure hassle free motoring. When we service your cooling system, we flush the entire system and check items such as:

Water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, heater core, radiator cap.



Engine rebuilds

We can do minor and major rebuilds on all types of engines. Anything from new EFI engines, carburettor engines and diesels. If your car is blowing smoke or using oil, don’t assume the worst. There are many other factors involved which may be causing the problem.  Let us give you an accurate diagnosis before worrying about replacing your cars engine.


Imported Vehicles

We have the ability to service and repair your imported car. We have the diagnostic equipment and access to parts to keep your imported vehicle running like new.



We can service and repair all types of automotive transmissions whether your car be a 3, 4, 5, 6+ speed, triptronic or dual clutch option. We have the knowledge and equipment to service and repair them all.



We have the facilities to work on your cars entire exhaust system. Parts like exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, mufflers, engine pipes, brackets and tail pipes are all crucial to a reliable motor vehicle.


Car Seat Fitting Service

About 70% of child restraints are not installed correctly. To protect your child, it is important to have your car seat installed correctly. At Care Plus, we are an RACV accredited auto care centre. You may ask what does that mean? Well, simply that we can professionally fit your baby seat or booster seat, for you. We stock a range of extensions to suit almost every make and model of vehicle. The fitting usually takes less than half an hour and once completed, we will show you how to make adjustments for your child in the future.



We can service, repair or replace all types of clutch systems, including both mechanical and hydraulic components.


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