Mechanic in East and West Melbourne

For vehicle mechanic services in West & East Melbourne, Care Plus is a trustworthy and reliable company. With ultramodern car service facilities in East & West Melbourne, we are a world class company. Our services come handy during a sudden breakdown of the vehicle or general wear and tear associated with the use of a vehicle. The vehicle glass may break or there may be problems caused by bad weather. You can also bring the engine of your vehicle to us for rebuilding purposes if it is damaged. Our skilful mechanic and technicians are well trained in all areas of car servicing, maintenance and repair. They have earned these skills by acquiring knowledge and technical skills through years of hard work and dedication.

Car Service in West & East Melbourne

Delays with the maintenance of the car must be avoided at all costs and those associated with the car’s vital fluid exchanges, dirty filters, fussy belts and old spark plugs because it can lead to problems like busted up radiators, slipping gear shifts and engine failure making car maintenance crucial. The specific maintenance schedule is designed for every particular make and model, if it is followed then it is possible to have a car which is well maintained, runs better and is able to perform optimally for many years. Saving money on fuel and making the parts last longer is now our responsibility. If action is taken on time then, money spent on expensive parts can be avoided. Regular parts and fluid exchanges, coolant fluid exchange, filter replacement, timing belt replacement, transmission fluid exchange, spark plug replacement, axle fluid exchange, tyre rotations will be taken care by us.

Inspection of a car and its recommended maintenance differs for every car and one must consult an owner’s manual for proper car care instructions for the specific requirements of that car. Please contact our mechanic or experts for matters where advice or support is required for your vehicle maintenance. Our car service is tailored to meet your specific requirements and we try to service your car on time. Being on time we deliver our work with pride and enthusiasm. Please invest today in the future of your car and give us a chance to serve you. We encourage communication with our clients and potential customers, therefore, you can contact us via phone, email or internet. If you are in East or West Melbourne, then please visit our workshop for more information and queries today!

We are reliable and trained local mechanic based in North Melbourne offering car service, maintenance and repairs for residents of West Melbourne, South Melbourne, East Melbourne and surrounding areas.


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