Mechanic in South Melbourne

If you are in search of a vehicle mechanic in South Melbourne, then Care Plus is the company which can help you. You will find modern and state of art machinery and infrastructure at our workshop in South Mechanic which helps us to give best quality car repair South Melbourne and Car services South Melbourne. You may require car service in case of any breakdown which may happen with the car or general wear and tear of the car. Problems with the car can also arise due to damage caused by inclement weather or problems like a breaking of the car glass can occur. Our services also include engine rebuilding so that you don’t have to worry about the condition of your engine. Mechanic in South Melbourne and technicians at our facility are trained to tackle any difficult problem encountered with your vehicle. They have gained experience in the field of vehicle maintenance through years of practice.

Car Service in South Melbourne

There should not be any delay in the maintenance of a car’s vital fluid exchanges, dirty filters, fussy belts and old spark plugs as it can lead to bigger car problems like busted up radiators, slipping gear shifts and engine failure and this makes car maintenance very important. Every car has a specific maintenance schedule which has been developed for that particular model and if it is followed perfectly then there are chances that the car will be able to perform for a longer duration of time. To make your vehicle last longer and save money on fuel is now in our hands. You will not need to spend money on expensive parts later on if you take action today. We will go for regular parts and fluid inspections, coolant fluid exchange, filter replacement, timing belt replacement, transmission fluid exchange, spark plug replacement, axle fluid exchange, tyre rotations.

Car service inspections and maintenance recommendations vary according to the model of the car and must be done as per the instructions in the owner’s manual. You may contact our mechanic or experts for any advice or support required in matters of maintenance and car service. We personalize our services to suit your requirements and make on time deliveries. Always relying on truth and real world expertise we make sure that you are able to get the best service. We are sure that you will take out some time to repair and maintain your car and give us a chance to serve you. You can contact us by phone, email or internet and we encourage that you communicate with us without hesitation. Please feel free to visit our centre for any questions or enquiries at our South Melbourne office!

We are reliable and trained local mechanic based in North Melbourne offering car service, maintenance and repairs for residents of West Melbourne, South Melbourne, East Melbourne and surrounding areas.

At Care Plus, we understand your needs and are fully equipped to provide a full range of car maintenance service including:


We also offer many more ...

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