New Car Warranty

When it comes to having your new car serviced, you DO have a choice. You can take it back to your dealer, or you can bring it to Care Plus. A Care Plus service strictly follows the procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

What’s more, we’ll officially stamp your handbook as a record of regular maintenance. And remember, it’s well established that a properly stamped handbook can result in a higher re-sale value for your car.

It is a common misconception that the servicing of your new vehicle has to be performed by the dealership from whom you purchased it from. It is also incorrect to suggest that your new car warranty is void if your vehicle servicing is carried out by someone other than the dealership.

At Care Plus, we are able to carry out your new vehicle servicing. We are also able to attend to new car warranty claims providing that the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.


Care Plus Warranty

This is a unique plan offered by Care Plus Auto Services which gives you more service and quality. This unique plan is designed to set new automotive repair standards. All you have to do is have your vehicle serviced every six months or after 10,000kms. Enrolment is free.

What’s covered? All new parts used in a repair are covered for life provided that the vehicle is serviced in accordance with manufacturers requirements every 6 months or 10,000kms. The warranty commences from the date the part is replaced or at the expire of any manufacturers warranty or guarantee.

A maximum of $500 limit per claim, limited to $1000 in total per annum for the replaced parts including labor costs, in the event part or parts need replacing again. Normal wear and tear and expandable items are not covered. You must retain your original invoice, should the replaced part or parts need replacing again.

Towing: If your vehicle is towed to Care Plus in the event of a breakdown due to a parts warranty claim, up to $75 per claim is available.

Car hire: In the event of repair to your vehicle, if the repair takes longer than 48 hours (excluding weekends), we will pay up to $100 to hire a car. This excludes the petrol, kms and insurance.

Hotel accommodation: In the event of a valid break down of your vehicle within 100kms or more away from the registered residence, you can claim up to $100 per claim for hotel accommodation.

*Please note that all the above benefits are only related to warranty claims.

How to claim:

  • return the vehicle to Care Plus Auto Services where the repair was carried out
  • provide original invoice and warranty certificates
  • provided that the registered vehicle been serviced in accordance with the warranty, the faulty part will be replaced free of charge
  • to claim for towing, car hire and hotel cover, please pay the account yourself and forward the to us together with your invoice.


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