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Get a Roadworthy Certificate from a Reputable Mechanic in Brunswick

Whether you are planning on selling or transferring the registration of your vehicle, it is essential to have a roadworthy certificate i.e. RWC. It is an important document that certifies that your vehicle is efficient to drive on the road. Also, it gives you the relief of selling a vehicle that holds the best features and attracts the potential customers.

If you are looking for the professional provider of a roadworthy certificate in Brunswick, then Care Plus Auto Services is your ultimate choice. We are a licensed vehicle tester and dedicated to providing a roadworthy certificate as per the guidelines. Having 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, we ensure you to carry out thorough vehicle inspections to guarantee that your vehicle is in good working condition and safe to drive on roads.

We Inspect Different Vehicle Components Including:

  • Suspensions, steering, and braking systems
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Seats and belts
  • Lights, reflectors and lamps
  • Vehicle structure and integration
  • Windscreen, windows, including wipers and washers
  • Other safety items on the body, chassis or engine

Our expert mechanical inspectors understand the importance of checking a vehicle to assure that it is fit to be on the roads. Thus, we are committed to inspecting every feature of your automobile and then offer you a precise roadworthy certificate in Brunswick.

Benefits of Availing a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car

  • Ensures that the important parts of your vehicle are in good working condition
  • Certification guarantees that there is no fluid or oil leakage inside your vehicle
  • Satisfies you with the secure fittings of the vehicle and considering if there are no illegal modifications
  • Offers you the flexibility of obtaining the certificate if you have failed to obtain it at once after the stipulated time frame
  • It makes the vehicle transferring process much easier

Being based in Brunswick, we provide you with a reliable roadworthy certificate in Brunswick, ensuring that your vehicle does not contain any defects. Our team of expert technicians will help you to solve your doubts regarding passing the inspection test.

Why Choose Us for Your RWC in Brunswick?

We at, Care Plus Auto Services, are committed to providing thorough vehicle inspection to ensure that they meet your requirements and our high standards of reliability and quality. Using state-of-the-art vehicle specific diagnostic equipment, our team of expert mechanics provides a roadworthy certificate assuring that key components of your vehicle aren’t worn or deteriorated.

You can rely on us for a complete diagnosis and any form of service associated with your vehicle. Our workshop is well-equipped to provide you efficient pre-purchase inspections in order to assure the quality of your vehicle. Therefore, if you require any kind of help with servicing your vehicle or getting an RWC in Brunswick, then we are here to help you.

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Whether you need a check on the overall state or effectiveness of your vehicle, it becomes essential to get the certificate of roadworthy as soon as possible. Call us at (03) 9329 6000 and be assured that your vehicle is safe to drive on a road.

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