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Save Money on Brake Repairs with Care Plus Auto Services

Brake inspection is an important part of your vehicle servicing needs. Whether your brakes are not working properly or making noise, it is necessary to get an immediate brake repair service. At Care Plus Auto Services, we are dedicated to offering you with a quality service and brake repairs in Port Melbourne.

Having 30 years of experience, we ensure you to cater all your cars’ braking system requirements. From replacing brake pad, disk machining, brake shoe replacement to drum machining, our team of skilled mechanics provides all. We provide you with perfect brake repairs in Port Melbourne. Also, we can help you in replacing any hydraulic items on your car’s braking system such as calipers, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, ABS pumps and much more.

Do You Need a Clutch Repair Service? We Are Here To Help You!

The clutch on your vehicle is responsible for engaging the power from the engine and transferring it through to the gearbox. If the plates within your clutch wear and you need to replace it, then we are here to help you, providing reliable clutch repairs in Port Melbourne.

From the replacement of dowels, checking of clutch fluid to the cleaning gearbox carefully, we cover all in our clutch repair service. Our team of mechanics will repair your vehicle’s clutch using quality components. Due to our attention to detail and quality workmanship, you are able to get the efficient clutch repairs in Port Melbourne.

Contact Us for Quality Brake and Clutch Repair Service

If you are looking for the best provider of brake and clutch repairs in Port Melbourne, then Care Plus Auto Services is the ultimate destination. Contact us today at (03) 9329 6000 and speak to our specialist team of mechanics today.

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