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Roadworthy Certificate – A Must For Road Safety

Care Plus Auto Services is a licensed RWC tester and provides affordable roadworthy certificates in Port Melbourne. With our license and qualifications, our team will help you in determining if your car is roadworthy or not. If you are planning to sell your car or buying a new one, make sure that your car possesses a roadworthy certificate in Port Melbourne to ensure proper road safety.

How Does A Roadworthy Certificate Ensure Your Safety On Roads?

Getting your car a roadworthy certificate in Port Melbourne isn’t something you should be taking lightly. An ill-maintained car is a threat, not only to you but to everyone on the roads. It is extremely vital that your car passes all the required tests and is well-maintained to ensure the smoothest journey possible. Thus, the best way to determine whether your car is safe to travel on the roads or not is getting a roadworthy certificate in Port Melbourne.

About Our Roadworthy Certificates

At Care Plus Auto Services, the roadworthy certificates are provided only to the cars that undergo an extremely detailed inspection of both, the car interiors and exteriors. We examine the following parts of your car and then provide you with an RWC in Port Melbourne:

  • The wheels, tyres, usage, etc. of your car
  • The entire lighting system of your car that consists of headlights, warning lights, tall lights and other emergency lighting systems
  • The condition of the car seats
  • The working condition of the car’s windows and the windshield
  • The strength of the car body to check if all the parts are safe or do possess a threat to safety
  • All mechanical and automatic parts of the car
  • Air conditioning and engine system
  • The condition of the braking and clutch system
  • To check for fluid leakage in the car

Once the car undergoes all these tests, we issue it an RWC in Port Melbourne. You can trust our team of qualified mechanics to do a complete check on your vehicle and ensure your 100% safety.

Why Should You Choose Care Plus’s Roadworthy Certificate?

Letting the ill-maintained car run on the road can be a serious threat on the roads and prove lack of responsibility. Therefore, it is important to have a controlling mechanism that stops such vehicles from travelling on the roads. Our roadworthy certificate in Port Melbourne will prove to be this exact controlling mechanism. It discourages ill-maintained cars on the roads and thus, maintains overall road safety.

As a fully licensed, accredited and insured a mobile roadworthy company, we strive to bring quality services and expert workmanship to each of our customers. To us, professionalism means satisfying customer service and attention to detail. Our team makes sure to have a straightforward approach towards you so that you know your car is in exact safe hands.

Drive Responsibly With Our Roadworthy Certificates

When you are planning to buy a car, make sure that you get yourself a roadworthy certificate so that it communicates well to the potential buyers. Even if you are not planning to sell your car, get your car inspected for a roadworthy certificate to ensure road safety.

Don’t just risk the safety of your car and family to just anyone else. Contact us today at (03) 9329 6000 and play your part in driving responsibly on the streets with our RWC in Port Melbourne.

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